EXCLUSIVE: Fake Chinese Police car decals removed after WA Police Intervention

By Ivan leung & Taylah Hanna

After a recent livery spotting of a Chinese Police Vehicle around Perth, this insensitive joke gone wrong has increased suspicions and apprehension within the community.

Concerned community member, ‘Terry’, reported the vehicle to police after sighting it in Cannington.

He said the car is identical to a Chinese police car, featuring Chinese characters on the bonnet and sides.

“A question came to my mind; why does the Australian Government allow Chinese Police to operate in Perth? Are they real Chinese Police? Are they trying to spy on us? This is my concern!”

Terry expressed that in Australia we enjoy all sorts of freedom; and freedom is not free, we need to defend it.

“Chinese police cars provoke fear and should be banned, as everyone should defend our freedom from fear,” he said.

He continued to say this vehicle provokes fear not only within the Chinese community, but also the Hong Kong community, especially in light of the recent protests in Hong Kong.

“Most of the Hong Kong people in Perth are worried that they are being spied on for supporting the protests,”

WA Police spoke to the driver of the vehicle, who stated he purchased the decals online and placed them on his car as a joke. The man has since removed them from the vehicle.

Terry said these fake Chinese police cars have also appeared in Queensland and Victoria.

“I have reason to believe some organisations promote these fake Chinese police cars, with the implications being the Chinese Government is watching you,” he commented.

Questions remain over why it took so long for this suspicious matter to be handled…

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