2023 Women’s World Cup to inspire a new generation of footballers

As the Women’s World Cup comes to Perth in 2023, the CEO of WA’s peak body for football says he expects the competition to inspire a new generation of female soccer players.

“I think this is just the next level. It’s going to get fever pitch for everybody. I think we’re going to set up generations, you know, for years to come.”

James Curtis, CEO of Footywest, said the anticipation had been building over the last two years.

“The excitement, even in towards the bid process, and we’ve been working on that over the last year or two. It’s been a bit of fever coming up.”

“I know there’s going to be girls across WA, and boys as well, putting their boots on and looking at the superstars.”

“How exciting you can go down to hear HBF [Park] and then watch the stars. It’s going to be really exciting. And we know that more players will play as a result.”

For those wanting to get into soccer at an elite level, James says the secret is loving the game.

“If you want to get to the next level, it’s spending time with the ball, practicing your skills, but ultimately, when you enjoy the game, then you start working hard and then you can make it through.”

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