30 years at the top of their game for fruit and vege wholesaler 

By Sarah Smit

The WA’s only fruit and vegetable market wholesaler is celebrating 30 years of selling produce from their Canningvale ‘Market City’ location.

The markets have been a fixture of the Western Australian economy for over 90 years, previously operating out of a West Perth Location before moving to the current Canningvale site in 1989. 

The new CEO of Perth Markets, Rebecca Moore, said 30 years is a monumental achievement in the industry. 

“If you go to any supermarket, green grocer, restaurant, or café in WA today, you can guarantee the fresh produce you buy has been sourced via Perth Markets.”

During the week, Market City is an industry focussed wholesaler that caters to 669 registered buyer groups.

On Saturday and Sunday the space opens to the public and transforms into the largest undercover consumer markets in the state, with 7000 shoppers patronising the 379 stalls booked every week. 

Rebecca Moore believes that it’s the relationships between wholesaler, retailer, and consumer that made the markets what they are today. 

“Today we handed out certificates to the people who have been here for 30 years, and surprisingly we have number of people who have been here 40 plus, 50 years!”

Consumers can get fish and meat from 6am on Saturday and fruit and veg from 7:30 and explore a range of stalls and rides on Sunday.

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