Albanese in Perth commenting on job and economic growth

Labor Leader, Anthony Albanese visited Perth, listening to and addressing the needs of WA.

Mr Albanese discussed jobs and the economy, commenting on the disappointing RBA’s governor downgrading Australia’s growth by a quarter of a percent to below trend.

“The Australian economy at the moment is performing in terms of growth on under-trend levels. We have low consumer demand,”

“Just last week we had the weakest retail trade figures since the 1990s. We see interest rates at just one per cent, lower than they’ve ever been in our history. We see underemployment. We see mortgage stress at record levels,”

The Government have doubled the debt since they have been in office and they don’t have a plan for growth,” he said.

Mr Albanese believes the coalition is not doing anything to boost the economy and jobs, which is not only having an impact here in WA, but right throughout the nation.

Increases to Newstart Allowance is universal across the ALP, welfare groups, the ACTU, the Business Council of Australia, ACOSS, and the Australian Industry Group.

He said forty dollars a day is too low, and forces people to live in poverty.

“This reduces the opportunity for those people to get out of poverty by getting a job,”

“It’s counterproductive to try put people in a situation whereby they aren’t able to travel to get a job, to wear the clothes and to be in a position of successfully applying for employment,” he said.

Reminiscing on his first Question Time of this Parliament, Mr Albanese asked the Prime Minister if an increase to Newstart would help stimulate economic activity and therefore consumer demand and there jobs.

He said there’s no doubt if you’re on Newstart and you get an increase, you’re not going to be saving it.

“You’re not going to be putting it away for a rainy day, because guess what – it’s pouring. It’s pouring on you at that point in time, so what you do is spend it and that helps to stimulate the economy as well,”

Mr Albanese will be back in Perth in two weeks time for the WA Labor conference.

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