Alleged misconduct by ex-state MLC raises more questions

Former WA upper house member Phil Edman’s attempts to explain his expenses scandal in an interview from Bali have only lead to more questions surrounding the alleged misconduct.

The disgraced politician resigned from the Liberal party just hours after a Corruption and Crime Report report revealed he used his electoral allowance to pay for speeding fines for himself and his wife, visits to strip clubs, and expenses relating to his private yacht named “Prime Minister.”

Edman claimed that the scandal was an accounting mistake and blamed his accountant not letting him know which expenses could be claimed.

Labor MP Rita Saffioti, told reporters that West Australian can still trust their government officials.

“I think example by Phil Edman is extreme and something no one could have predicted.”

Dr Ian Cook says that this is another very embarrassing moment in a pattern that West Australians are beginning to get used to.

“We’re just getting desensitised to corruption and bad behaviour on the part of our politicians, to the point where we’re starting to see it as normal politics, but it’s not.”

“It’s bad behaviour that needs to be addressed.”

Edman has insinuated that the laptop he used as a parliamentarian contains dirt exposing similar behaviour by other MPs.

Police Minister Michelle Roberts called on anyone involved in similar corrupt behaviour to turn themselves in.

“Anyone who has done anything similar to him, in any shape or form should make themselves known to the CCC, they should own up to it now.”

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