AMA WA president calls for lockdown now over coronavirus

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The Australian Medical Association in WA (AMA WA) has continued calls for a complete lockdown as coronavirus cases rise, stating that “many will die” if “we’re overwhelmed.”

AMA WA President Andrew Miller said the association of doctors continued to questione government approach to COVID-19, citing a lack of government preparation and transparency.

Dr Miller said “fixing the health problem that we have” should be the main focus for Australia before repairing the economy.

“If we are ready and we don’t get overwhelmed in the hospital system, then we will save many,” Dr Miller said.

“We will look more like Singapore, who have had 30 patients go through their ICU on ventilation successfully, or Hong Kong who saved nine out of 10 in their ICU.”

He said Australia “had the warning.”

“If we’re overwhelmed on the front line then many will die that we could have otherwise saved and will look more a lot more like Italy.”

Dr Miller said doctors in the health system were currently unsure about patient numbers and were “running blind” because of a lack of testing, blaming restrictive test requirements.

He said doctors were not allowed to test and they did not know why, but citied a government belief that community spread of COVID-19 did not exist, while also claiming hospitals were not getting answers.

Doctors also did not have adequate equipment, with Dr Miller stating that “we’re nowhere near ready.”

However, he called for full lockdown immediately to control the number of patients, particularly with continual arrival of cruise ships to WA and a complete closure of schools.

“We understand this disruption from these things but there’s more disruption if we live the health system get overwhelmed,” Dr Miller said.

WA’s current number of positive cases rose by 30 overnight.

It puts the state’s total number at 205.

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