Aubrey aims high for City of Melville’s interests in call for mayoral re-election

Russell Aubrey has stated that he will continue to “stand for the best outcome of my community”, if he is returned as the mayor of the City of Melville during October’s local government elections.

The mayor, who had been in the position since 2007 said he was representing the interests of the community and said that his re-election would continue the City’s success.

Speaking to WAMN News, Mr Aubrey said the City of Melville had “done extremely well” with a strong financial status and community satisfaction level that he claimed was “unprecedented” only last year.

He said it would remain if he returned to the lead the council.

“The City of Melville has been shown to be a very high performing, contemporary local government and my leadership and that of course of my current and former CEO,” Mr Aubrey said.

“It’s a personal quest on my behalf to maintain democracy in our city, to maintain independence in our decision making.”

Mr Aubrey said that his unique position as an independent mayor had helped provide what the City needed and “complete independence in my decision making.”

“I’ve been an alternative that is not aligned to any political party that does support Roe Highway which is supported by the Liberal Party. I think we all understand that but doesn’t necessarily make me a Liberal,” he stated.

“I can give what I promised that is the continued fight for Roe Highway, zero rate increase next year and independent decision making away from any political influences.”

However, despite the position of the City, he cited negative publicity following a long-running series of complaints had taken its toll on him and his family, calling it personal against him.

“The negative publicity these groups have brought upon us by making what was mostly unwarranted and trivial complaints to the Minister which has triggered an inquiry,” Mr Aubrey said.

“I’m tired of being attacked, abused, threatened and my family being attacked, abused and threatened.”

He said it was continuing against the City of Melville, expressing concerns about the future of the City if his opposing candidate George Gear was elected.

“The City of Melville is subject to what we call a political attack, which is being headed up by the former Labor MP George Gear,” Mr Aubrey said.

“They have their support groups which some people have determined to be minority foreshore groups.”

He believed his re-election would maintain independent decision making and continue the fight for Roe Highway, supported by community groups.

“You now have a community group that represents you and you can become a member of so it is your Greater Melville Community Association,” Mr Aubrey said.

“What it means is there will be a new community group that works alongside the City of Melville.”

He spoke about emboldening young Western Australians in the City to vote, stating that “looking to the future, intergenerational change is very important.”

Mr Aubrey said his campaign was just beginning to kick into full gear.

“We’re on schedule, I think we’ve got the message out, the community is learning a little bit about what’s happening here at the City of Melville,” he said.

He said he called on people to back him for the future of the City.

“I call upon the quiet Australians to think carefully about casting their vote and to select the right candidates,” he said.

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