Better suited jobs for migrants to boost Australian economy

A report released by the BankWest Curtin Economics Centre details possible economic growth if skilled migrants are used to their full potential.

Political Expert Ian Cook took us through the boosts migrants can give to the Australian economy and how to prolong the positive impacts.

The newly released report positively outlines the contribution immigrants make to Australia’s social and economic development, and the potential for growth in the future.

If the skills mis-match is eliminated and skilled migrants are working better suited roles in line with their qualifications, a $6 billion dollar boost could be delivered to the economy.

Dr Cook said there are lots of migrants out there doing jobs which they’ve got far greater skills than are appropriate for that job.

“We’re wasting a lot of potential with respect to migrants, they come in with qualifications that are legitimate that deserve recognition, they don’t get recognition so they’re forced into jobs where they dont get to use the training they’ve got,” he explained.

Dr Cook also believes we need to fill skill gaps with not only with skilled migrants, but also help Australians, and in turn boost the economy by an additional $2 billion dollars.

He said it’s really important this not just be a scheme for migrants, but look to utilise everybody’s skills as much as we can.

“I think actually getting people in the right places is a really crucial thing to do and we can’t leave it fully up to market processes,”

But the question begs – are there enough job opportunities here in WA to support this projected growth?

“I think this is going to be the other side of it, while we’re talking about them taking up jobs the question is are we going to have jobs going forward?”

Dr Cook said there’s no doubt we have to look at broader changes in the job market, and have an awareness of what sort of employment will persist into the future.

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