BREAKING: Premier McGowan Unveils Perth’s New Port And Taskforce Report

The McGowan Government has revealed WA’s new port plans, with Westport Task Force Nicole Lockwood presenting the report to the media.

It comes after WAMN News exclusively revealed the State Government will be announcing the details of the outer harbor this week (Monday) during the Sunday newscast.

WA Premier Mark McGowan, Minister Alannah MacTiernan, Rita Saffioti, and Westport Taskforce Independent Chair Nicole Lockwood presented their plans today.

“The time for banaids and short term thinking is over,” Mr McGowan said.

Meanwhile, Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan modern infrastructure is needed because WA’s success is based on international trade.

She argued that it will cost $8 billion in 2040 to rebuild wharfs in Fremantle, the new port will create thousands of jobs in construction and reducing cost of trade by $100 per container (or 1/3 of the cost).

The State Government says the new port will take the truck off our suburbs, with the Westport Taskforce identified that a new port will be needed by 2032.

Premier McGowan says work needs to begin now in order to meet the WA’s future needs. He says the new port will be publically owned and operated.

Two options have been presented by the taskforce on the future of the ports, and 5 options to the port development.

Option 1: Move the entire from Fremantle to Kwinana in one go. The estimated cost for port, stevedore, road, rail and land to be $4.7 billion, and the benefit to cost ratio is 1.64.

Option 2: Transition plans with Fremantle and Kwinana port operating together for a period of time. The estimated cost for port, stevedore, road, rail and land to be $4 billion, and the benefit to cost ratio is 1.76.

Transport Minister Rita Saffioti stated that State Government has currently put 20% freight on rail, taking 110,000 trucks off the roads with further rail upgrade coming.

She says the government will work with the community on the issue of upgrading Anketell Road.

Westport Taskforce Chairwoman Nicole Lockwood ensure the public that steps will be in place to care for Cockburn Sound.

They include building environmental resilience of the bay with scientifically led investment, and researching sea grass regeneration to protecting pink snapper’s spawning conditions.

The new Kwinana Port will go ahead with a detailed business case, the commencement of rigorous environmental assessment, implement environment monitoring, the investigation of land use, corridor protection, planning strategies and costs around Kwinana, and stakeholder engagements with industry aboriginal and community.

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