BREAKING: WA’s borders won’t take a Christmas break.

Premier Mark McGowan has announced in a press conference today that WA will not be signing up to open the state’s borders by Christmas.

“WA will not be agreeing to a hotspot model or a hotspot definition that replaces our successful border controls.”

He says a date to reopen the borders will be set based on health advice, and may be some times away.

“Opening and closing borders just causes more confusion and isn’t a good outcome for the state’s economy,” McGowan said.

McGowan said opening the borders prematurely could cause economic and health disasters.

The Premier has said that Prime Minister Scott Morrison respects the state’s decision to keep the borders closed.

McGowan said eastern states commentators “sitting on the harbor sipping lattes and [pinto] grigio” who are criticising WA’s hard borders are “need to learn a bit about the state.”

The premier said cooperation between the states and federal government was better than any time since the second world war, and that good operation of national Cabinet did not mean the absence of disagreements.

WA had no new cases of COVID-19 reported today, with the state’s two active cases in hotel quarantine. WA has now gone 146 days with no community transmission of the virus.

The Premier encouraged west Australians to avoid complacency with social distancing and hand washing.

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