Carrie Lam to withdraw extradition bill

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Hong Kong’s embattled chief executive Carrie Lam will formally withdraw the extradition bill that has resulted in protests gripping the city over the past three months.

Lam will withdraw the bill on Wednesday afternoon according to the South China Morning Post, that has sparked the protests lasting 13 weeks.

By withdrawing the bill, Lam is agreeing to one of five demands by protestors, despite having earlier suspending it.

Protesters have also asked for an inquiry into police conduct during protests, amnesty for people arrested, an end to protests characterised as riots and restart the city’s stalled political reform process.

However, critics have not been satisfied with the suspension, with concerns that it could be revived during the Legislative Council’s current term.

The bill allowed for Hong Kong criminals to be extradited to jurisdictions that Hong Kong did not have extradition agreements with, including China and Taiwan.

It would put them under the jurisdiction of those territories, with concerns being expressed about the citizen’s rights and freedoms and undermining the autonomy of the region.

An estimated two million people began protests on June 16, a day after the suspension of the bill with more protests following.

Lam has declared the bill to be dead but has been criticised.

Sources state that she will meet pro-establishment allies on Wednesday afternoon.


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