Charitable recyclers reimbursed for disposal of unusable donations

Charitable recycling organisations have been reimbursed more than $300,000 after being forced to dispose of waste from illegal dumping and unusable donations.

The recyclers shared in $300,357 of rebates to pay for the disposal of goods dumped at their donation bins of shopfronts as well as donations that cannot be recycled or reused.

Alina, Anglicare WA, Good Sammy, the RSPCA, St Vincent de Paul Society WA and Salvation Army received the rebate to help meet the cost of disposing 4,294 tonnes of goods to landfill.

Grants have also been provided to cut illegal dumping at charitable recycling collection sites.

The funds will be used to implement measures including high security donation bins and security cameras at shopfronts.

Environment Minister Stephen Dawson said he urged Western Australians to do the right thing and not dump goods illegally.

“Most people are well-intentioned when it comes to giving their old clothes to charity but, unfortunately, charitable recyclers continue to be burdened by large amounts of dumped or unwanted donations,” Mr Dawson said.

“If your items are not good enough to give to a friend please do not give them to charity and do not dump your goods outside stores which create a huge cost to charities to clean up.”

Western Australians are advised to not donate items that are not good enough to give to a friend, not leave donations outside closed shops, to donate in-store at shops that are open or inside a donation bin only and sort items for quality.

“Dumping donations outside charity stores completely negates any environmental benefit you may have achieved with a successful donation as dumped goods will ultimately end up in landfill,” Mr Dawson said.

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