Collie grows manufacturing capabilities with investment expanding emergency services trucks

WA will expand its emergency services capability under a new investment bringing more fire trucks to the state.

The McGowan Government announced the package on Thursday, in an effort to boost the emergency services vehicle manufacturing industry in Collie.

Under the policy, manufacturer Frontline Fire and Rescue Equipment has been awarded a $2.5 million grant to establish a manufacturing capability in Collie.

The Malaga-based company will receive two contracts valued at $125 million to manufacture modern fire fighting equipment which will include manufacturing ‘4.4’ heavy appliances and ‘Ultralight’ vehicles.

The grant came from the $60 million collie Industry Attraction and Development Fund, established to help secure the future of Collie and create local jobs.

A third contract worth $47.5 million will be advertised on Thursday for the construction of up to 300 ‘1.4’ appliances, with the tender to require some or all of the work to be done in Collie.

Future State Government emergency services vehicle contracts will be reviewed before being tendered to determined if more work can be sent to Collie.

Earlier this year, the State Government unveiled plans to establish a Department of Fire and Emergency Services Level 3 Incident Control Centre in Collie, an Emergency Driver Training Centre while also moving some appliance maintenance work to the town.

The government has planned to invest heavily in Collie to support the town’s economy.

Premier Mark McGowan said it was a significant investment.

“(This) will ensure volunteer firefighters are equipped with modern vehicles to combat bushfires across the State.,” Mr McGowan said.

“We are committed to ensuring a strong economy and sustainable future for Collie, and we see the emergency services vehicle manufacturing as an important part of that.”

Emergency Services Minister Fran Logan said that the work would boost Collie’s economy.

“It is fantastic that the McGowan Government has managed to secure some of that work for Collie and that it will help to diversify the economy,” Mr Logan said.

“It’s also another significant emergency services investment in the town following the announcement of a new Level 3 Incident Control Centre, the moving of some maintenance work to Collie and an emergency driver training school.”

“Collie has the right people with the right skills and not only is the Government providing them with work that will benefit the town, but it will also benefit the whole of WA.”

Member for Collie-Preston Mick Murray said the works were an opportunity to expand Collie’s emergency services.

“Collie’s economic base needs to be diversified and I welcome the State Government’s commitment to supporting economic growth in the region,” Mr Murray said.

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