Detectives say gun heist may lead to “misery, violence, and death on our streets.”

By Sarah Smit 

Police are hot on the heels of a group highly-organised criminals after over 100 handguns and long barrel guns were stolen in a midnight heist in Yangebup last night.

The thieves cut through a wall of a neighbouring property into Claremont Firearms’ strong room at 11:30 last night, where they had access to the gun store’s entire inventory.

Police say extensive preparation and research went into the “well-orchestrated” attack.

It seems that thieves knew exactly where to cut to get access to the gun storage strong room, and were at the property for  “some time.”

They used what police call a “heavy duty cutting tool” to cut a hole big enough for a person through the concrete panel walls of the Erceg Way property.

Speaking to reporters today, Detective Peter Foley of the Serious and Organised Crime Division said that the handguns will likely end up in organised crime rings or bikie gangs unless recovered by police.

“[The guns] could be anywhere.”

80-100 officers are working on the investigation, code named Task Force Prosper.

WA police are prioritising the recovery of the weapons, saying that firearms cause “misery, death, and violence on our streets.”

A burnt-out white Toyota Hilux believed to be involved in the heist was found in nearby bushland in the early hours of this morning.

This is the second gunshop theft in less than three months, but police say the two crimes are unrelated.

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