Drivers encouraged to give courtesy wave in WA Day long weekend road safety campaign

WA drivers have been urged to be more courteous on the state’s roads during the WA Day long weekend, as it launches a new campaign promoting road safety.

The government launched its “Kindness Travels” campaign on Thursday, promoting a push to be more understanding towards all road users while behind the wheel.

It encourages all drivers to bring back the “courtesy wave” – a wave or nod of the head – to acknowledge another driver’s courtesy.

Traffic throughout the State is expected to increase significantly during the weekend.

It came as WA eased regional travel restrictions throughout the state for the weekend.

Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts said manners cost nothing but on the road they can save lives.

“We all share the roads and if we are to be safe on the roads we all have to get along,” Mrs Roberts said.

“The easing of regional travel restrictions means there’ll be a lot more people travelling around the State’s roads this weekend.”

“Please stick to the road rules, don’t drive tired or distracted and let’s all get home safe this holiday weekend.”

She encouraged drivers to show a sign of respect to another driver if they were courteous.

“If someone does something nice for you while you’re driving, give them a wave of thanks,” Mrs Roberts said.

“Let’s hope that as a State, every driver, whether it be on a freeway, a highway or a byway, can practice just a little bit of old fashioned country courtesy.”

Double Demerits will be in force from Friday May 29 until Monday June 1.

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