Elderly housing needs addressed with access to affordable, manageable homes

Ageing Western Australians could soon have more housing choices, with the McGowan Government addressing the housing needs of older people.

The government has released a new directions paper on Thursday, detailing a housing direction elderly people and give them the choices around their home and lifestyle.

The “Ageing with Choice” paper aims to help older Western Australians in particular on low to moderate incomes access affordable manageable and stable homes in their community of choice.

It aims to provide housing and service access for older people while also creating “diverse, age-friendly communities designed to reduce social isolation and keep people connected to transport, services and their community.”

The government said housing would “support independent living”, including design and amenities “to help assist the person staying in the home longer.”

It said that there would be a transitional approach to assist elderly people, with the paper providing guidance to “support the decision making of older people in public housing,” while also freeing up more land for housing.

It added it was “an opportunity for people who do want to be able to provide somewhere for their mum and dad to live.”

Housing Minister Peter Tinley said it would improve housing choice.

“Without access to suitable, affordable homes, older people will struggle to balance housing and living costs, potentially resulting in an inability to manage or maintain the dwellings they call home,” Mr Tinley said.

“By working together across all sectors, we can create vibrant, inclusive communities with a range of housing and living options that meet people’s needs as they age.”

Seniors and Aging Minister Mick Murray said people’s housing needs changed with age.

“With more people living longer, many will require a greater level of care and support,” Mr Murray said.

“While housing affordability affects everyone, older people can be especially affected due to their reduced earning and borrowing capacity and their specific housing needs.”

“Ageing with Choice recognises that everyone ages differently and that housing needs are driven by changes in health, financial or family circumstances.”


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