EXCLUSIVE: Activist Calls For Independent Aboriginal Commissioner To Ensure Accountability

As the Black Lives Matter protesting continues around America, similar rallies around Australia highlight the significant number of deaths of Indigenous Australians in custody.

“We’ve had deaths in custody for very long time here in Australia and here in Western Australia we have the highest rate of deaths in custody. Since the Royal Commission 432 people have died in custody in Australia, and the majority are in WA,” Mr Eades stated.

Aboriginal activist, Mervyn Eades, said what is going on the United States is a reflection of what’s going on in Australia, particularly here in WA.

“What’s been highlighted in America has been happening all but it’s never been highlighted in the way it has in America currently,”

“But it needs to be highlighted… The Australian Government in Australia needs to have a look at its own backyard when we look at deaths in custody in Australia,” he said.

There are calls for an independent Aboriginal commissioner to work alongside investigations, providing accountability for their people.

Mr Eades explained no one has ever been held accountable in the issue of deaths in custody in WA.

“No one in the prison department or the police department has ever been convicted of any crime against our people, as far as deaths in custody… and that needs to stop,” he proclaimed.

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