EXCLUSIVE: Chung Wah Association maintains no Chinese Communist Party election influence despite claims of connection

WA’s Chung Wah Association is independent with “no connection” to the Chinese Communist Party, the organisation has insisted.

The Association has maintained it was not influenced by China’s government, despite claims of interference in its weekend election for the organisation’s leadership.

Reports have stated that some people in WA’s Chinese community had taken to social media, suggesting interference from elements of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

It had also claimed that a blog post circulating in the Chinese community said was actively working to ensure the re-election of office-bearers that dominated the Association for the previous four years.

However, the Chung Wah Association said it was not true.

In an interview, incoming president Ting Chen said recent media reports had been false.

“We have no connection,” Dr Chen said.

“The Beijing or Chinese Communist Party has not influenced Chung Wah Association.”

“Even before, we were not influenced by the Chinese government or any other foreign government.”

He said the organisation was a “non-political, non-religion association.”

Dr Chen defeated the other contestant Shiela Rejek, who was the outgoing Secretary of Chung Wah Association, 287 votes to 120.

He said the focus was now to connect with WA’s Chinese community, beginning with its 110 year anniversary next year.

“We want to celebrate 110 anniversary of Chung Wah Association and this is our main goal for the next term,” Dr Chen said.

“We plan to celebrate anniversary by appreciation because Chung Wah Association has been built by many generations of Australians with Chinese heritage, no matter where they are from.”

He also planned to engage young people with a youth committee to encourage Australians with Chinese heritage.

They include traditional activities for young generation to participate in Ching Wah’s Dragon Boating and Lion Dance groups.

Dr Chen said it for community.

“We are working for the local community with Chinese heritage,” Dr Chen said.

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