EXCLUSIVE: Chung Wah Association moves on from negativity towards 110 year anniversary

As the Chung Wah Association overcomes recent rumours about their elections having Chinese intervention, they are looking forward towards the future.

The Chung Wah Association’s 110th anniversary is near, with some big celebrations planned.

Honourable secretary, Jen Ni Chong, said they want to change the perception of their association within the publics’ view.

“I think because the Chung Wah Association represents the Chinese community, and with China being a hot topic at the moment, we’re not wanting to identify our association with the Chinese Communist Party,”

“Chung Wah is primarily a cultural organisation, and we’re here to provide Chinese culture to everyone here in WA,” she stated.

Newly elected President, Dr Ting Chen said for Chung Wah’s 110 year anniversary they want to invite all past members, volunteers, and staff to join together to celebrate this important milestone.

“We want to acknowledge them for their contributions,” he said.

“I acknowledge those members in the past, present and emerging” said Dr Chen.

“Chung Wah has been built by many generations of Australians with Chinese heritage…”

During their leadership roles for the next two years, the association hopes to encourage more young people to get involved, and continue support around the community particularly in school and aged care facilities.

Ms Chong said they are looking at restarting their youth group.

“We have to very young members in our executive team, so we hope they’ll be able to help attract more young members,” she commented.


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