EXCLUSIVE: Controversial New Book Explores “The Final 100 Years Of Human Politics”


The link between political institutions and the belief of climate change has lead to confusion. Questions over the fate of the world polarises the community, and there hasn’t been a better time to think about how we want to progress forward, following the pandemic.

Dr Ian Cook’s new book ‘The Politics of the Final Hundred Years of Humanity’ does just that.

The book explores the politics of maintaining the trajectory toward humanity’s final hundred years, and the politics of those final hundred years; providing a complete picture of the politics of catastrophic human caused environment change.

“Basically I’ve just followed what’s coming out of climate science and and looked at the views that some of them have about the sort of future we’re looking at,

“So what I call the near worst case scenario,  I applied it to how we got there, but also what we’re looking at in terms of the next 10-20 years,” Dr Cook said.

He continued to explain his thoughts around politicians and political institutions and how they create order to keep systems going. However they are not very good at fundamentally changing things.

Dr Cook said in order to have a future we need to look at the things that people are going to have to do, which has come to light with the Covid-19 shut down.

“Staying home, closing down non essential industries, looking at really sustainable industries going forward. But this is massive change we’re looking at…”

“We shut it down for four months and we’ve completely lost it. You know we’ve got to shut it down for decades. Can we do that? My sense is political institutions can’t…” he commented.

Politics has been powerful in terms people’s positions in what determines people’s views about climate change.

It’s not evidence based, it comes down to their political leanings.

“Politics has a really fundamental role in creating a sort of confusion in people’s minds around the science, because the climate scientists are not in disagreement,”

“They are in 97-100% agreement that the future they’re talking about is real, the only disagreement is how quickly it will happen and what will happen exactly,”

“Politicians have led them to believe that scientists don’t agree, and that’s just not true,” Dr Cook explained.

When asked if fear is holding back humanity from progressing past these issues, Dr Cook said it’s a difficult issue which is happening slowly and doesn’t have easy answers as to how do we addresses it.

“I think it’s uncertainty rather than fear thats driving what’s going on. The only thing people are afraid of is the level of change that’s going to be necessary,”

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