EXCLUSIVE: Covid19 Racism Banners Sparking Outrage Among Multicultural Leaders

You may have drove pass them this morning but didn’t realize it, six racist banners were displayed around Perth in what appears to be targeting the Chinese community as Covid19 crisis hits WA.

Controversial sentences including the following. “To Stop A Runny Nose, Keep The Borders Close.”, “From China, with Ruv. No Masks, No Gloves”, “All This For A Succulent Chinese Meal”, “Globalism Did This. Pneumonia World Order”, and “China Lied, People Died, No Place Left To Hide.”

WAMN News Perth understands that these offensive banners were found at following locations this morning:

  • Lawley Street overpass, Yokine.
  • Arnisdale Road/Mitchell Freeway over pass, Girrawheen.
  • Gentilli Way/Kwinana Freeway over pass, Salter Point.
  • Goodwood Parade, Burswood.
  • Scarborough Beach Road/Mitchell Freeway Overpass (Eastbound), Glendalough.
  • Britannia Road/Lake Monger overpass, Mitchell Freeway, Mount Hawthorne.

In an exclusive interview this afternoon, The Ethnic Communities Council WA President slammed the stunt, saying Covid19 is not an excuse to push for blatant racism.

He also says what happened today threatens harmony and engenders violence within the community.

“If this is what we are seeing here in Perth, it is disgraceful and highlights what we have been saying. Covid19 cannot be used as an excuse for blatant racism and vilification. It threatens the harmony we have spent years fighting for,” he said.

“It is not funny. It is inappropriate because it belittles one group at the expense of others. It causes harm and engenders violence in the community.”

Mr Rajan says he has no problem with people raising issues regarding the Chinese Government, suggesting concerned citizens should raise the matter with their local MPs instead.

The Ethnic Communities Council WA have renewed calls for the State Government to take a definitive stand against hate speech, and emphasizing that there are already strong penalties to stop racism.

Actions should be taken by WA Police to stamp out these acts of hatred.

“I have no issue with people having or taking issue with the Chinese government. However this is spilling out into action against individuals who are going about their daily activities. That is when it becomes unacceptable. If they wish to protest the Chinese Government do it through their local MP,” he continued.

“We have always felt that it was imperative that governments move early on this matter and issue a strong statement to show that this was unacceptable.”

“Our fear was that it would escalate into something like this. And sadly it has. It’s a very fine veneer of harmony in this country. It does not take much to shatter that.” Mr Rajan warned.

The McGowan Government Condemns The Signs

The McGowan Government has responded to the incident swiftly by condemning these signs, urging people to “stop and think” about the hurt and pain it will cause to the community.

A spokesman from the state government says the messages are “deplorable” and has “no place” in Western Australia.

“The McGowan Government condemns these signs and urges those responsible to stop and think about the hurt and pain they would be causing members of our community who come from an overseas background,” the spokesman said.

“These divisive messages are deplorable at any time, but especially now as Western Australia deals with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Western Australia is a proudly multicultural state that has embraced unity, which is needed now more than ever. These signs have no place here.”

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