EXCLUSIVE: Lady Lawley Cottage Campaigners’ Expressed Concerns To Cottesloe MP

Concerned locals who are campaigning against the closure of the Red Cross’s Lady Lawley Cottage has expressed their concerns to Liberal Cottesloe MP Dr David Honey.

The group has met with Dr Honey at Parliament House this afternoon, with petitions received by Liberal MLC Peter Collier.

Supporters have expressed their concerns to politicians as children with special needs were left unassisted due to the lack of parallel services.

Dr Honey told WAMN News that families and special needs children deserve a break.

“This facility was given to the state in 1903 by Annie Lawley and she gave that to the benefit and welfare of the children of need in the state of WA, and I think that (commitment) should be honoured today,” Dr Honey said.

He also urged Minister for Child Protection Simone McGurk and Minister Stephen Dawson to sit down with Red Cross, and identify solutions to the problems.

“I have send a letter to the minister, I have spoke with the MP for Curtin about this as well, Ceilia Hammond, and she is very sympathetic as well to the cause, and I will talk to the ministers directly as well to re-enforce the message,” he continued.

“This isn’t a partisan political issue, I’m willing to do anything I can to help this group.”

“They are a fantastic group and kids that need place like Lady Lawley Cottage to return to its original services, so the families and the kids get the respite they need.”

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