EXCLUSIVE: Melville council meeting “farcical” over bowls club lease

The Greater Melville Community Association has called double standards over a rescind motion of a 50 year lease of a Melville bowls club, claiming the situation as “farcical.”

The Association has stated concerns over the way issues were being addressed in the City of Melville council meeting, with a rescind motion eligible to be submitted during the meeting delayed.

It had submitted a petition to the council to rescind the 50 year lease motion but the lease was raised as a late notice item two meetings ago and was raised on Tuesday’s meeting, with the association claiming some councilors not aware of the item.

Five councilors required to rescind signed a form to rescind that was eligible to be submitted on day of the meeting.

However, the council voted for a five day notice period for the form to be submitted.

The Association said the result was inconsistent when the motion was known about by the council.

“It doesn’t make common sense in this situation,” Greater Melville Community Association Acting President Scott Green said.

“The council has received and are aware of the petition requesting that very thing that the motion be rescinded.”

“The CEO was aware much more than five days prior about the rescind motion. How can that be a problem?”

However, Mr Green said the community group did not have a problem with the bowls club receiving a new lease.

He said it was not a debate between the Wave Park and bowls club.

“We’re way beyond that now,” Mr Green said.

“We simply want a fair decision to be made for this club in comparison to other clubs and we don’t believe there has been a fair decision.”

Mr Green did not accept Melville Mayor George Gear’s comments that other clubs would be granted leases based on “merit.”

He said there was a belief that the Alfred Cove site needed to be protected, but it was “an asset of the City not of the club.”

“Our focus is on community benefit,” Mr Green said.

“Community benefit needs to be for everyone in the community.”

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