EXCLUSIVE: MUA meeting pushes campaign to save Fremantle Port

The Maritime Union of Australia will be stepping up the fight in coming weeks to save Fremantle Port with a campaign to prevent a move to a new port in Kwinana.

The meeting this afternoon outlines the campaign that will be launched, where unions and workers will push to save jobs, businesses and the environment.

The McGowan Government has made plans for a new harbour, shifting away from the Fremantle Port.

There are concerns that automation at the new port will cost jobs and harm the environment.

Maritime Union of Australia’s WA Branch Secretary Christy Cain said it was not the end of the port just yet, with efforts ramping up to save it in today’s meeting.

“We believe that there’s plenty of life in Fremantle port,” Mr Cain said.

“We’re to discuss with other unions, asking for their support against the McGowan government.”

Mr Cain said that the fight to save Fremantle Port had the support of a large number of unions including the Transport Workers Union and the Australian Workers Union.

“We’re now gathering momentum to take to Unions WA and then back to the ACTU for full endorsement around supporting the harbour, supporting and the environment, supporting local content and jobs,” Mr Cain said.

He warned Premier Mark McGowan that the State Government’s that unions would not back down against the new outer harbour plan.

“Let me tell you, the McGowan government, he (McGowan) may be popular around COVID,” he said.

“On the election issue, certainly on Fremantle Port, the poll is showing quite clearly 64% in favour of the unions, not Mark McGowan.”

He said he did not believe McGowan’s “on issues around unionism.”

“If you look at his government now he’s been given contracts out to you know, companies which wage theft, labour hire is rampant,” Mr Cain said.

“People are dying on the jobs what shouldn’t be there should be legislation well in place now.”

He called on the government to reverse its position.

“We want to know what Simone McGurk’s position is, we want to know what Alana MacTiernan’s position is,” Mr Cain said.

“If they’re not supporting jobs, local content and the history of this port and the community and they’re going to go on upset the environments in the pristine Cockburn Sound, then they’ve got a fight on their hands.”

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