EXCLUSIVE: MUA WA Vows To Spend Big On Ad Blitz To Protect Freo Port

MUA WA Secretary Christy Cain vows to put the Fremantle Port as the central topic during next year’s State Election with targeted media campaigns.

Mr Cain has confirmed the move following a national union discussion this afternoon, with the ACTU executives taking the port issue back to WA unions (both affiliated and non- affiliated) for debate and discussions.

There are hopes that the discussions among state union branches will generate actions to save Fremantle Port.

The discussion comes following the MUA WA’s Fremantle Port motions defeat in the WA Labor Party executive meetings last week.

Despite the split between delegates and union members, Mr Cain believes the matter is a union issue rather than factional problems.

“When you take it out of the Labor Party factionalism, it comes down to a union issue,” Mr Cain said.

“A union issue is around jobs, environment, around automation causalisation, and all these things come together.”

“Now when unions are talking to themselves in a forum, it’s quite different than unions talking on the factional grounds of the ALP. So any union official or delegates or organizer will have to think very seriously about how they will vote on a union issue.”

Mr Cain is hoping to get enough support before the next ALP executive meeting, with another motion of keeping Fremantle Port underway.

He believes that factual discussions will be key for other union delegates to decide whether they will support the motion.

“I will be very, very surprised if we don’t get that up (motion) bearing in mind that we’ve got all the facts, bearing in mind that we’ve done our homework,” he continued.

The union official has vowed to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on a media advertising blitz during the next State Election, but denied the ads are the union’s attempt to “intentionally going against the Labor Party.”

He says politicians cannot use the unions for their own purpose.

“I make no apologies for where we sit on this campaign, we are going to run a campaign never seen before,” Mr Cain told WAMN News.

“We are going to throw hundreds and thousands of dollars in the campaign, and we will expose politicians and the unions that don’t support keeping new jobs, well organized permanent jobs, and a history of the port that has been working for 140 years.”

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