EXCLUSIVE: Multicultural Leaders Discuss Recovery With McGowan Government

WA Minister for Tourism and Multicultural Interests Paul Papalia met with multicultural community leaders to discuss the state’s COVID-19 recovery plan.

The range of events with different sectors of the community were held over the week, as the State Government seek advice on economic recovery and response innovation.

After the meeting, Minister Papalia told WAMN News that cultural community groups had met the needs of the COVID crisis well.

The minister also said the digital revolution is helping people tap in to political processes.

“This is one of a range of events with different sectors of the community where we’re seeking out advice about how people what the experience was, what the challenges were, the extent of those challenges, then looking for innovation that took place in response within the sector,” he said.

“… One of the really interesting things is and it’s reflected in the wider community, too, I think is the having to adapt to communicating in different means a lot more people getting digitally aware.”

“…They’re (community members) now more engaged. They know a bit more about government process and decision making.”

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