EXCLUSIVE: Nahan To Demand Inquiry Into Melville Council

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Former Liberal Opposition leader Mike Nahan is expected to speak during the private member’s business time in State Parliament regarding the issues with Melville City Council.

WAMN News can report and confirm the statement will be put forward after Question Time this afternoon.

The speech will release details regarding the council’s recent potential conflict of interest, and the urge the Local Government Minister David Templeman to take action by launching an inquiry into Melville.

During an exclusive interview before making his speech in Parliament, Dr Nahan told WAMN News that the Melville council is heading towards the path of inquiry after City Of Perth.

He is also demanding Mr Gear to withdraw his decision of granting the club a 99 year land lease.

“Back off, rescind the lease, go to the five plus five which is the policy, invest in the club, combine it with Mount Pleasant bowling club which needs to happen and do the right thing, follow through the plan that you inherited,” Dr Nahan said.

“The minister (David Templeman) should immidiately call for an inquiry to the City Of Melville, the community has to stand up.”

“Stand up to the mayor and his council and to the minister.”

Meanwhile, ex-Melville mayor Russell Aubrey thanked Dr Nahan for making the speech this afternoon.

You can watch the exclusive video interview with Ex-Melville City Mayor Russell Aubrey & Liberal MP Mike Nahan featuring on WAMN News Facebook Page at 4:45PM this afternoon.

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