EXCLUSIVE: New Melville Mayor Promises Neutrality On Roe 8 And Advocate For Youths.

WATCH the exclusive live interview here.

Shortly after winning a landslide victory on the City Of Melville’s mayoral election, new mayor George Gear pledged to be neutral on the issues of Roe 8.

During a exclusive live interview with WAMN News on Saturday night, Mr Gear promised to reform the council and listen to ratepayers.

“There are a lot of practices at the councils and a lot of issues that the council passed which didn’t reflect the wishes of the people,”

“From my perspective, they didn’t actually talk to enough people because it’s only by talking to people and ratepayers you get to understand what their concerns are.”

Mr Gear said Roe 8 is a state government issue and he won’t be taking either pro or anti side as the council has no influence on the decision of Roe 8.

“Roe 8 is a state government issues. Only the state government can make a decision on Roe 8 and that’s another 2 years away. so Roe 8 is irreverent.”

“As there are as many people who want Roe 8 as there are people who are opposed to it. So how can I as a mayor of the council that is divided on an issue, come out on one side and not the other?”

“What I want to do is play no role. I won’t be an advocate for one side or the other.”

When asked about his assurance to young ratepayers and voters, Mr Gear promised to be a voice for young people in the council.

“They (young people) will get a voice in the council now, I can’t pre-empt what they might say but whatever they say will be important to me. The best I can do is offer them an ear and take seriously on what they say,” Mr Gear said.

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