EXCLUSIVE: Perth Chinese Community Donate 50,000 Masks To Victoria

The Chinese community in Perth will be donating 50,000 masks to Melbourne today, in an effort to help Victorians’ battle against the second wave of COVID-19.

WAMN News has obtained exclusive details on the matter, with Chung Wah Association WA called for the donations and the initiative supported by the WA Chinese Chamber Of Commerce.

The WA Chinese Chamber Of Commerce has contributed 30,000 masks out of the 50,000 masks donated by other associations.

It’s understood that the high quality masks worth around $50,000 Australian Dollars.

Red Cross will be supporting the initiative on receiving and distributing the masks in Melbourne.

Chung Wah Association WA President Dr Ting Chen says the high quality masks were purchased or donated from China to support the community against COVID-19.

“We are so sad to read the news about the number COVID-19 case increase in Melbourne. We think we should support them (Victorians) against these deadly diseases,” he said.

“When the community with Chinese heritage heard the news about the masks becoming mandatory in Melbourne due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we think the homeless and vulnerable people there will have difficulty to get the masks, and called for donations form our community.”

“We are pleased to have Red Cross supporting us to receive the donations and distribute the masks in Melbourne.”

Other associations who’ve participated in the donations are listed below:

  • The WA Chinese Chamber Of Commerce
  • WA Shenzhen Association
  • Chung Wah Association WA
  • WA Fuijian Association
  • Green World Investment Pty Ltd
  • Mila And Miden
  • Australia Guangdong Cultural and Business Association
  • Association of Australian Chinese Mainlanders and Friends
  • Australian Hunan Culture and Commerce Association
  • Hubei Association Of WA
  • WA Chongqing and Sichuan Association
  • WA Shanghai Federation
  • Australian Central China Association
  • Perth Huaxing Arts Association
  • Jason Yun
  • Bonbon Capital


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