EXCLUSIVE: Political Expert Dismissed Millennials Critics Due To Reality Change

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Millennials are under scrutiny again, following ABC Chair Ita Buttrose saying they’re not resilient enough for today’s work force and need lots of reassurance and praise.

This generational debate is ever increasing and divisive, showing a distinct difference in their perception of other generations.

Her comments have widely been dismissed, however in a WAMN news poll, the majority of our viewers don’t believe millennials are resilient enough.

Political expert Dr Ian Cook said the conditions under which her generation lived were radically different from the conditions that young people are facing.

“This is a completely different reality from the reality young people face today, so these old people carrying on about how young people are somehow lazier than them and worse than they are, it’s just an outrage…”

Dr Cook said it’s partly to do with how this generation were raised, and their social environment, where they’re used to things being less reliable. He said resilience is easy when your life is easy.

the question about resilience is its easy to be resilient when life is easy. its easy to be resilient when you’ve got full employment, when you can buy a house when you’re younger

“I don’t have to face a gig economy, when I was going through I had a job for life and I wasn’t thinking about how many weeks my job would last,”

“We’ve got to ask questions about older generations and our responsibility for younger generations.

“They’re our children so if they’re less resilient it’s our responsibility not theirs,” he commented.

Dr Cook said he feels sorry for younger generations who are experiencing tougher circumstances than older generations, and he feels it’s righteous for people his age and older to be taking these moral stances.

“When these older generations can’t produce jobs they’re saying you should be getting, what happens?”

“I think they have to right to look to us for help, to ask things of us, and expect us to take responsibility for the conditions we’ve created for them” he said.

i feel really sorry for younger generations i think they’ve got it much tougher than i had, and what’s really righteous is people my age and older to be taking these moral stances

When asked if he thinks this is a wide belief that a lot of boomers, for lack of a better word, hold?

“Oh, absolutely. I think almost everybody over about 60 things younger people are sort of lazy and useless, you know, whereas, I’ve tend to see everyone over 60 is being lazy and useless.”

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