EXCLUSIVE: Poll Shows Palmer’s Border Challenge Affect State Liberals

As Clive Palmer’s high court challenge to the WA hard border kicks off this week, a WAMN News poll on the matter revealed the surprising effect a successful challenge would have on the state election.

It shows that a successful Clive Palmer high court challenge to WA’s hard borders would make West Aussies more likely to vote Liberal at the next election.

More than 2,500 participated with 82.3% says yes and 17.7% says no.

Political expert Dr Ian Cook says that he thinks there is a good chance the high court will force WA’s borders open again.

Dr Cook believes that Labor will be in power in WA for a long time, and if Prime Minister Scott Morrison “push WA around”, Labor will take advantage and bash the WA Liberal Party before the next state election in 2021.

“There’s nothing in the constitution that I can see that give the state government the capacity to shut it’s borders,” he said.

Ex Southern River Liberal MP, Peter Abetz says that the closed borders might become a liability for McGowan.

“Only time will tell to what impact it might have on the state election, but I believe that we need to put a bit more humanity around the close borders,” he said.

He says reports of people unable to cross the border to visit dying relatives even with protective measures in place might change public opinion.

“I think as more and more of those stories start to filter out into the public domain, I think that the popularity of the iron fisted way of closing the border is going to start waning,” he continued.

Meanwhile, WA Premier Mark McGowan and Attorney General John Quigley urges Clive Palmer to drop the legal challenge, after the Federal Government withdrew its support for the case.

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