EXCLUSIVE: Sea Link denies accusations over Captain Cook Cruises incident

An incident happened Fremantle last Thursday involving Captain Cook Cruises, saw a man sprayed by a hose.

A bystander was standing on the fishing platform, wearing headphones, as the boat approached.

The man didn’t respond to the staffs’ attempts to ask him to move.

A heated argument then followed.

General Manager of Sea Link, Andrew Lane, responded to the incident in a statement.

He strongly denies the accusations that staff sprayed a member of the public with a hose or entered a verbal altercation with the gentleman.

He said the man was being verbally abusive to both the staff and passengers who were disembarking at the time.

Where he was standing was putting himself, other members of the public and other vessels at potential risk.

Mr Lane said the matter was reported to Fremantle Port Security, with concerns raised over the man’s safety and well being.

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