EXCLUSIVE: Thornlie Youths Embrace Community Soccer As Covid Restrictions Relaxed

Community soccer returns for youth in Thornlie following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions by the McGowan Government.

The Australian Arab Association’s local indoor soccer was incredibly popular among young people and children before the Coronavirus shut down.

The weekly soccer sessions officially returned for the first time after the McGowan Government lifted the Phase 4 restrictions, with strong turnout for both children and young adult sessions on Friday evening.

Many young people expressed their excitement over the return of their favorite sport, as they valued the opportunity to meet friends, get healthy and shoot some goals.

Young people such as Mohamad Rifai says there is something to look forward to every Friday night as they gather for indoor soccer fun.

“It’s the best feeling (getting the team together again) every week we are just looking forward for a Friday so we can come together. We couldn’t because of Coronavirus but now it’s the best feeling ever,” he said.

Soccer team co-ordinator Abdullah Aman says passionate young participants got a lot out of the weekly football sessions.

“They (young people) have been kicking goals and kicking their legs as well, we are trying to work on their techniques, slowly and slowly we will get there,” he said.

“We’ll try to enroll them into competitions, and if they still need assistance we will try to help them to go up in levels

The association’s soccer team is looking forward to pick their best and brightest for local competition, helping young people to improve their health and sporting abilities.


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