EXCLUSIVE: Young Nation begins One Nation’s new youth voice

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A young One Nation candidate is hoping to give more of WA’s youth a voice through the party’s new youth branch, while confident of making his mark in next year’s State election.

Tyler Walsh is planning to stand for greater youth representation through the developing Young Nation branch with his political knowledge from his previous election loss as he runs for the North Metropolitan region.

The branch hopes to focus on issues affecting young people as part of its policies, as it heads towards the election.

It plans to improve the standard of living of young people, getting young people back into work and improve opportunities for youth as WA battles the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to Western Perspective, the 21-year-old said he hoped Young Nation would boost the number of younger voters supporting the party.

“What we hope to do is get anyone on board who may be supporting our party,” Mr Walsh said.

“We hope to broaden our demographic to the younger generation because of course, myself being part of this new generation of people, it’s important that we give young people a voice in Parliament.

Mr Walsh said Young Nation’s goal was to reach young voters who were less progressive.

“There are a lot of young people who aren’t so progressive and because of the majority of young people being progressive, they do have loud voices,” he said.

“We don’t often get to hear the young people who are more conservative minded or more traditionalist.”

However, Mr Walsh said current views towards the party that affected its popularity were an issue to address, stating that the party would work to remove the “stigma” attached to the party and federal leader Pauline Hanson.

“That’s one stigma that we are certainly hoping to get rid of,” he said.

He encouraged people to follow Ms Hanson and WA leader Colin Tincknell on social media “and you’ll find that we are normal people just like anyone else, who want the best for our country and for our state.”

Mr Walsh also planned to ignore what it called “non-issues” including climate change and “aggressive identity politics that the left sort of caved into.”

Mr Walsh said the acknowledged Premier Mark McGowan achievements while handling the coronavirus pandemic in WA, but the State Government needed to be continually kept in check.

“I do take my hat off to him,” he said.

“But having more One Nation MPs in Parliament means that we have a much better ability at keeping the government to account.”

Young Nation needs to rebrand One Nation to succeed: Expert
Young Nation will need to change the perception of One Nation if it wants to appeal to younger Australians, a political commentator has stated.

The youth branch of One Nation is currently in development but a “rebranding process” was needed for the party if Young Nation was going to succeed.

Murdoch University political expert Ian Cook said the branch was a “really interesting idea” but there were questions about how much younger people support the policies of the party.

“There is that possibility that young people will tend to see it as an older person’s party and they won’t want to get involved,” Dr Cook said.

“They need to break through that, that sense of you know that it does appeal to a younger demographic.”

Dr Cook said in order to rebrand, the party needed to change it approach and policies, but believed it was possible for Young Nation to connect to less progressive youth.

“(It) really needs to drop some of its sort of crazy policies around vaccinations and just sort of start to move into a slightly less sort of scattergun approach to policymaking. They need to think about what they want to drive forward and particularly in terms of the future for young Australians,” he said.

He said it would be a “good move” if the party changed its approach through Young Nation.

“I think we need to see a slightly different one nation that is better representative people who are being left out of politics,” Dr Cook said.

“There is a real opportunity for younger people to be brought into the party.”

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