Family law reform issues need a shift in focus

Following last weeks Family Law reform Forum in Mandurah, One Nation MP Colin Ticknell is optimistic that positive changes can come about.

With family law being one of the biggest problems the Australian society is facing, on average 3 men commit suicide per day and 1 women is murdered every week due to these issues.

There are currently more than 21,000 family law cases backlogging the court system.

Mr Ticknell said over the last 20 years there’s been a lot of pain caused for the people of Australia and it’s because family law has been failing them.

Over 200 people went out of their way to attend the forum, lapsing 4 hours and featuring expert speakers.

There is the possibility for another forum in Kalgoorlie in October.

Mr Ticknell is hopeful that his major party counterparts will help tackle this issue.

“When i’ve had these discussions in State Parliament there’s been interest from both the Attorney General and other members, so I’m confident they will want to make a positive contribution to the Western Australian society,”

“And then hopefully we will lead the way and force the Federal Government to listen to my Federal leader (Pauline Hanson), as she’s calling for the same thing at a federal level,” he said.

Ms Hanson has been discussing family law reform issues since she was disendorsed as a Liberal member in 1996, but Mr Ticknell said that’s a long time where no one has been listening.

Early in the new year the hope of a joint select committee in the WA parliament will be discussed, with the aim of an inquiry leading to a Royal Commission.

Mr Ticknell believes he will get support on this from some of his labor and liberal colleagues, and hopefully some crossbenchers as well.

“Of course it’s disappointing (they have lacked support thus far), but it’s not about beating up on them,”

“Why aren’t the major parties getting involved? The reason why is because the media isn’t getting involved…” he said.

“When the media are focused on something, the big parties usually respond, so I really want the media to lead the way along with One Nation to bring this to focus where it needs to be; one of the major issues of the Australia society,”

An enquiry and royal commission on the matter could have several positive impacts including less murders, less suicides, less mental health issues, less welfare dependency and less domestic violence.

Mr Ticnkell stated these things are unacceptable in our society and we need to do a better job.

“I’ve found this is my number one issue as a member of parliament, and I know my federal leader sees it as that as well, so we would say to Scott Morrison and Mark McGowan here’s a chance for you to make a major positive impact on society,” he commented.

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