Father of 2 on the run after “out of character” arson attack

WA Police are calling for a 33 year old father of two to hand himself in over after a crime spree that ended with a torched house in Hocking.

Detective Senior Constable Shannon Stubbs says the string of incidents began on Monday, when a stolen car rolled in East Hocking. Jarrad Adams fled the scene of the accident, allegedly threatening witnesses with a hammer when they attempted to stop him leaving.

Soon afterwards, he allegedly broke into a residence on Welstead Way in Hocking, where personal property was taken before the house set ablaze

Police allege Adams stole the family’s jeep, which was later found burning in Nowergup, north of Wanneroo, and call on him to turn himself in.

“Jared, we know you will be worried about your actions and missing your young family. Your friends and family are worried about you.”

“Please hand yourself into any police station or police officer so we can get this issue resolved and you can move forward with your life.”

Those close to Adams say the string of incidents is out of character for the man and are concerned for his health.

Police have asked anyone who may be assisting Mr Adams to elude police contact the force and help him get the help he needs.

They say keeping him out of police hands only extends the situation.

“Not only will it be massively stressful for him, but also for his family.”

Adams may be travelling around the northern suburbs in a white Holden Captiva.

Anyone with information about Mr. Adams’ whereabouts is asked to contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000

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