Government funding stamps out graffiti as police reveal most wanted

The McGowan Government has targeted illegal graffiti with increased efforts to crack down on vandals.

The government has announced grants as part of its commitment to community safety and crime prevention to address graffiti, as WA Police released its most wanted list of graffiti vandals.

As part of the grants, funding of up to $15,000 has been offered to local councils and community groups for anti-graffiti projects.

Grants can be used to fund graffiti removal trailers, installation of public murals at graffiti hot spots and application of anti-graffiti coatings.

WA Police revealed photos of 12 people wanted for questioning, in relation to graffiti sprayed on public transport, schools and businesses.

Graffiti vandals face up to two years in prison and a $24,000 fine if caught.

Police Minister Michelle Roberts said graffiti vandalism cost the community “tens of millions of dollars every year.”

She said it made neighbourhoods unappealing and unsafe.

“Police are doing their bit to disrupt and prosecute graffiti vandals,” Mrs Roberts said.

“We’re offering these grants to support local councils and community groups to develop initiatives which prevent or help reduce illegal graffiti across WA.”

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