Gun shot reports in Kelmscott under investigation

Following reports of a gun shot in Kelmscott yesterday, the suburb went into lockdown as police investigated a property on Slee Avenue.

Police located a handmade ‘pen gun’ on the premises.

A police spokesman explained a pen gun is a tubular piece of metal, spring loaded, which can be loaded with ammunition and then fired.

“(They are) as dangerous as a firearm, probably more dangerous because it’s homemade and its inherent danger to the user and the object pointed at,” he said.

Police also located a tree stump in the rear yard that appeared to be subject to firing.

Following inquiries, a 33 year old female occupant was charged with unrelated drug offences.

Two infant children were also taken to hospital for assessment on an unrelated issue.

Police are searching for a 30 year old male that can assist with investigations.

However, there was no evidence of any threat to members of the public.

“Aside from the reckless criminal nature of firing a weapon in a residential backyard, we don’t believe there was any threat made to anyone,” the police spokesman commented.


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