Gunman who open-firedat Moscow FSB headquarters identified as former security guard

By Helene Fung

Russian authorities identified a 39-year-old former security guard, Yevgeny Manyurov, as the gunman who open fired just outside Russian security service FSB’s main building on Thursday evening (local time).

FSB is the successor of the Soviet-era spy agency, the KGB.

Manyurov killed FSB employee outright and wounded give more, before he himself was shot dead. One of the wounded FSB employees later died from his injuries in hospital.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said the President had been informed of the shooting, which came as he made a speech at a Kremlin concert specifically for FSB and other security personnel, and shortly after his annual marathon TV news conference.The FSB suspected the attack may have been planned to coincide with Mr Putin’s speech.

Authorities searched Manyurov’s home in the early hours of Friday morning and questioned his neighbours, who described Manyurov as a quiet, gun enthusiast who kept to himself.His motive remains unclear.

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