Harvey targets Edman, Kaless following resignations

State Opposition Leader Liza Harvey has criticised a former member of parliament and a government staffer over their behaviour, claiming there were individuals who were “determined to do they wrong thing.”

Mrs Harvey took aim at Liberal MP Phil Edman and Treasurer Ben Wyatt’s media advisor Stephen Kaless, stating that each of their individual actions were inappropriate.

Mr Edman was caught up in a scandal that was the focus of Corruption and Crime Commission report into former WA trade commissioner to Japan Craig Peacock, where it was revealed that he misused his electorate allowance to fund trips and entertainment for women.

Meanwhile, Mr Kaless, a senior media advisor, had “unwelcome physical contact” with a woman at a staff Christmas function on Friday evening that resulted in his suspension by the WA Government.

Both Mr Edman and Mr Kaless had resigned.

Mrs Harvey  told radio 6iX said that Mr Edman’s situation was “self-explanatory.”

“He’s no longer a member of the Liberal Party, I called the state director as soon as I found out, read the report,” she said.

“(I) basically said this guy needs to be kicked out of the party.”

“Thankfully he resigned which saved us from having a disciplinary process to remove him.”

Mrs Harvey added that the findings were “very shocking.”

“Its appalling conduct,” she said.

“It actually shocked me to see the extent of the depravity that’s been alleged as part of that CCC investigation.”

Meanwhile, Mrs Harvey said Mr Kaless’ situation was concerning.

“Apparently he had form,” she said.

“He behaved badly a couple of years ago, at the Premier’s Christmas drinks and no disciplinary action was taken so we find ourselves on Groundhog Day where he’s offended against another woman and he’s had to resign.”

She added tougher disciplinary action was needed.

“What about consequences for these people?,” she asked.

“I mean you’d lose your job, but is there anything in there, any disciplinary action being taken to say, well no, your behaviour is actually inappropriate.”

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