Hong Kong people in Australia call on federal government to maintain Hong Kong connection

Hong Kong people living in Australia have called for recognition of their concerns following recent riots and protests, as they acknowledged the impact to fellow people affected in the region.

People from Hong Kong gathered in Canberra to acknowledge those involved in disputes while also calling on government to maintain Hong Kong’s relationship with Australia.

80 Hong Kong people living in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland met outside Parliament House for a one minute silence to remember the lives of people lost including those who committed suicide and went missing.

Representatives also met with Liberal, Labor and Greens MPs and Senators, asking them to address their concerns over Australia’s free trade agreement with Hong Kong.

They also called for a Magnitsky agreement, enabling sanctions against foreign individuals to protect national interest and policies to protect Hong Kong people and Australians in the city.

WA’s Spokesperson Sherene Nee said the “welfare and prosperity of Australia” remained important in the aftermath.

They said that the government had shown “understanding and empathy.”

“We sincerely hope that the Australian Government will take into serious consideration our opinions and concerns, in order to support Hong Kong through this difficult time as a close trade partner to protect Australian interests and values,” Ms Nee said.

She said she hoped that they would “stand against the obvious break of human rights in the city as a responsible democratic country.”

Ms Nee said that many younger people were applying for the upcoming district election in November but stated that they might not be as successful.

“It is very impressive,” she said.

“However it is predictable that some of them may be disqualified for supporting the ongoing democratic movement in Hong Kong.”




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