Hong Kong protests turned into laser light dance party

By Helene Fung, PICTURE by: Kwok Yee Shan

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Hong Kong Space Museum on Wednesday night and put on a light show using multi-coloured laser pointers, to protest the arrest of a university student for allegedly buying 10 laser pointers – or as the Hong Kong police called it in a press conference, “laser guns”.

Many have used laser pointers to hamper police surveillance efforts in previous protests; and in the Police press conference, they showed that focusing a laser beam on a piece of newspaper at close range for 10 seconds burnt a hole through it.

In a scene reminiscent of “The Lion King”, a protester,surrounded by hundreds, held up a piece of newspaper which was illuminated by countless laser beams.

This was an attemptto re-create the police experiment, to show that ordinary laser pointers lack the high power of the laser pointer used in the Police press conference.

Music was often heard blasting in the background, the mood was jovial; and for the first time in months, these youngsters seemed to actually enjoy what’s meant to be their summer holiday.

Meanwhile, other protesters have begun a three-day sit in planned at the Hong Kong Airport’s Arrival Hall over the weekend, to take their messages over the extradition bill, demands for universal suffrage, and claims of police brutality directly to arriving visitors.

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