Labor warns of looming “WorkChoices 2.0” as Government reintroduces Ensuring Integrity Bill

Federal Labor has criticised the Morrison Government for being “anti-worker” as the government re-introduced its “Ensuring Integrity” Bill for the second time.

Shadow industrial relations minister Tony Burke said the Federal Government was “launching another attack on workers “who just want a decent pay rise,” by bringing back the Bill to Parliament.

Attorney General Christian Porter will bring back the Bill unchanged on Wednesday, after it was voted down in the upper house, with Labor claiming it was “bad for teachers, nurses, cleaners, firefighters and other Australian workers.”

However, Labor said the government was refusing to listen.

“Driven by a blind hated of unions, he (Prime Minister Scott Morrison) is displaying breathtaking arrogance by reintroducing the same Bill that was rejected just a few days ago,” Mr Burke said.

He said that it was a “two-stage attack” against workers leading to “WorkChoices 2.0.”

“The government is going after the organisations that represent, protect and fight for workers,” Mr Burke said.

“Next they will come after workers’ pay and conditions directly.”

Mr Burke said that the Prime Minister was displaying double standards by introducing the Bill.

“Morrison is seeking to impose standards on unions that he refuses to impose on banks or members of his own Cabinet,” he said.

“He isn’t proposing to do anything about the 23 million law breaches by a major bank – but wants to power to shut down unions for three paperwork breaches.”

He said the Opposition would defeat the Bill once again.

“Labor will stand shoulder to shoulder with Australian workers and the unions that represent them,” Mr Burke said.


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