Landslide Victory For Pro-Democracy Parties In Hong Kong’s District Council Elections.

Picture Courtesy: TMHK/Frances Hui

Hong Kong citizens have rejected the Pro-Beijing Parties at the ballot box yesterday, with Pro-Democracy won with a landslide victory at a scale never seen before.

The election was held peacefully yesterday despite the city was overshadowed by months of demonstration, due to the embattled Carrie Lam Government’s relentless push for the extradition bill to China.

Latest result shows that the Pro-Democracy Parties have won a record 201 seats (or 44.5%), with Pro-Beijing Parties securing 28 seats (6.2%), 12 seats for independent candidates.

The vote count is still underway as 211 seats (or 46.7%) are yet to be determined.

The poll received a record 70% voter turnout, meaning more than 3 million eligible voters casted their ballot yesterday.

Among the voters, data shows that 57.9% newly registered voters are aged between 18 – 65 years old.

In a press conference this afternoon, a Democratic Party’s spokesman and legislator says today’s victory is a first step into Hong Kong’s fight for democracy.

Hong Kong’s largest pro-democracy party have contested 99 seats, they’ve picked up 91 seats. While Civil Party contested 36 seats, they’ve won 32 seats.

More than 100 Pro-Beijing Party candidates have lost their seats, only a handful of veteran candidates managed to hold on by a small margin.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s biggest Pro-Beijing party’s DAB has lost 99 of its 117 seats; they’ve only managed to retain 18 seats. The FTU only has 4 seats, and New People’s Party has lost all their seats.

DAB Chairwoman Starry Lee told the media that she has put forward resignation, but the party executives have rejected her resignation so far.

We’ll have more details as it comes to hand.

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