Leak stoppage gets cash flowing in new Waterwise rebate scheme

A new program targeting water wastage will give financial benefits for households that fix water leaks.

Water minister Dave Kelly has announced the Water Corporation’s Leak Assist pilot program, which provides a $100 rebate on residential water bills for households that have recently engaged a plumber to fix a leak.

The program is being delivered in association with the Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of WA and is part of the Waterwise Perth Action Plan.

A study of water use across more than 1500 households in the Perth and Peel Region identified leaks in more than 17 per cent of properties surveyed.

According to figures from the Water Corporation, a leaking tap can waste up to 10 000 litres of water per year.

The Waterwise Perth Action Plan sets the direction for transitioning Perth to a waterwise city by 2030, and creating cool, liveable, green and sustainable communities.

Water Minister Dave Kelly emphasized the importance of reducing household water use in the face of declining rainfall, and said that leak Assist program is an important element of enabling that.

“In some cases people may be unaware of leaks around their homes, while others are deterred from fixing them due to the perceived cost or general apathy about the issue.

“The Leak Assist program addresses this by not only incentivise people to take action but also helping them learn to identify whether they have a leak and building better relationships with their local plumber.”

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