Local Workers Take On The Challenge Of Constructing Large Mining Equipment

By Sarah Smit

WA tradies are taking on the epic task of building the largest pieces of mining equipment in the world.

Equipment parts as large as 15 metres wide and weighing 250 tonnes were delivered by road through metro areas to be worked on at the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson.

Once completed, the enormous equipment will be taken to Port Headland by boat before being shipped by road to the South Flank mine site, 130km northwest of Newman, where it will be used to move iron ore from stockpiles onto trains.

Premier Mark McGowan spoke today at the Henderson construction facility to celebrate BHP’s South Flank mine project reaching the halfway mark.

Premier McGowan said that the state government has strongly supported the project.

“We worked with BHP to ensure that approvals were swift. “

It’s been a big investment by state governments over time that’s allowed this to happen.”

The $5 billion investment is one of the biggest iron ore mines in the world and will require 3000 jobs during construction and many more over the life of the mine.

The Premier told reporters that the mine is a sign that the Western Australian economy is improving, and local industries are competitive on a global scale.

According to a BHP spokesman half of the 346 people who have already been employed on long term contracts for the project are female and 20% indigenous.

BHP told reporters that WA’s variety of expertise made the state a great location for the project.

“There’s capacity to bring a number of different trades together to look at more complete or complex facilities. And do them here locally.”


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