Multilingual signs trial to improve international driver safety

As part of a trial to help international drivers safely navigate WA roads on tourist routes, the State Government has announced the use of new multilingual advisory signs.

Symbolic ‘keep left’ arrow signs will be trialled with German, French and Simplified Mandarin spellings.

Directional arrows will also be painted intermittently to remind drivers to keep left.

This comes after several head on crashes in recent years involving international drivers on interstate tourism routes, like Great Ocean Road.

Crash data from 2014-2018 showed international drivers were 35% per cent more likely to be involved in head-on crashes, especially with a licence issues from a country that drives on the right hand side of the road.

Indian Ocean Drive will be the first road to receive the new signs, and will coincide with widening works to a 10km section of the road.

Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said this will help international drivers safely travel to some of WA’s great destinations.

“Given international holiday visitors in 2018-19 were the highest on record for WA, we want to ensure we are doing everything possible to keep motorists safe,”

“$13.5 million of safety improvements were completed on Indian Ocean Drive in 2018 and a further $15.5 million have either been completed this year or about to start,” Ms Saffioti explained.

Road Safety Minister, Michelle Roberts, said these initiatives will improve both Indian Ocean Drive and continues to make WA a great tourist destination.

“We want Indian Ocean Drive to be safe as possible for both locals and visitors alike, but we also need drivers to drive responsibly and to the conditions,” Ms Roberts said.

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