New skywalk to give tourists a birds-eye view of Kalbarri’s nature wonderland

A new skywalk in Kalbarri is set to give tourists a never before seen look of nature in the region, the State Government has revealed.

The $24 million project is on the way to completion, with the Kalbarri Skywalk and the National Park Tourist Infrastructure

Two cantilevered walkways projected 25 and 17 metres beyond the edge of the cliff and 100 metres high have been installed, giving visitors unobstructed views of the Murchison River Gorge and surrounding environment

The area will also be universally accessible including an environmentally friendly kiosk that is powered with a low off the grid energy system.

Road and car parks have been improved costing $10.1 million.

The project’s features have been included in a virtual fly-through video released on Thursday, that takes viewers over the Murchison River and along the two skywalks.

The skywalk has created 150 local jobs during construction while also creating 10 jobs for indigenous Australians.

It has included two Aboriginal rangers employed full time to help manage the increase in tourism levels.

Environment Minister Stephen Dawson said the skywalk gives visitors to the region the opportunity to explore Kalbarri’s breathtaking environment.

“The Kalbarri Skywalk will further cement Kalbarri’s reputation as an international destination and one of Australia’s most popular destinations,” Mr Dawson said.

“Significant to the Aboriginal Nanda People, Kalbarri National Park is already famous for its 80-kilometre-long gorge, coastal cliffs, striking wildflowers and various recreational activities.”

“The skywalks have been designed to complement the existing landscape and I’m pleased to say that with universal accessibility, they can be enjoyed by all who visit the park.”

Tourism Minister Paul Papalia said it would help boost visitors to the area.

“There is an increasing demand for nature-based tourism and the State Government is rising to the challenge by investing in tourism infrastructure across Western Australia,” Mr Papalia said.

“Last financial year, more than 450,000 visits were recorded in Kalbarri National Park and we’re certain that number will increase when Skywalk opens in 2020.”

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