No Hong Kong discussions at G20 Summit

As the G20 summit commences today, activists are disappointed that nothing will be brought up about recent Hong Kong issues and protests.

Scott Morrison announced he will not be mentioning Hong Kong to China during the summit, leaving activists like Sherene Nee frustrated.

approx 0:30” “we know it’s a really sensitive topic to be discussed during the G20 meeting, but if not now, when?” she asked.

Recently, Hong Kong protestors held a fundraiser in an attempt to gain more international awareness for their issues; publishing an advertisement in newspapers in Australia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

“The Chinese government is trying to make people avoid talking about this topic during the G20 summit, and the HK government is still not responding to any of our repeals so we have to get international help,” Sherene said.

As Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, maintains a low profile, there are a lot of non cooperative movements occurring.

Sherene explained an instance of protestors besieging the Department of Justice, and sending petitions out to different countries to try cancel the governments’ foreign citizenship ties.

For now, there are no plans yet for protests in Perth.

“We’re trying to do different things to support hong kong protestors, like looking into how to be a political refugee, how to help people who are arrested there to come to Australia to live, and we’re still discussing other protests with other states, but right now we dont have any plans,” she said.

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