OPINION: Old People Had It Better Than Today’s Youth

OPINION BY: Dr Ian Cook, Senior Lecturer In Global Politics & Policies at Murdoch University

Old people like to think they had it tough. It was so much harder in their day, they say. But they’re wrong.

We had it better.Most of us could expect to get a job. We didn’t even need finish year 12, as there were jobs for unskilled and low-skilled workers.

Little of that work still exists. And what exists is increasingly being done by machines. Yes, some of it also being taken by migrants.

But migrants also stimulate the economy as consumers and through the skills they bring to the Australian workforce.

So we could expect to get a start in the workforce and then take it from there.Most of us could expect to have moved out of our parents place by the time we were 21. It’s gong to sound crazy, but it was embarrassing to have to admit that you still lived at home after you turned 21.

It felt like there was something wrong with you.And moving out of your parents house is an important step in your development as a person. Share houses were terrible, as we slowly learned about all the things our mothers had been doing to keep the house clean and to make sure food was on the table.

But the horror of the shared house was part of growing up. We didn’t suffer from the over-parenting most of us get trapped into as the question of how much we are doing for our children gets asks.

This is interpreted as the number of activities, classes or events our child participate in – and to which we take them. Our parents weren’t under that sort of pressure. So it wasn’t normal for our parents to be too involved in our lives.

No, old people didn’t have it tougher, they had it easier. I feel sorry for younger people. And I am surprised that they are not a lot angrier than they seem to be.

Their future and their planet have been trashed by a bunch of selfish bastards who now want to carry on about how easy it is for young people these days…


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